AnyVar enables you to quickly and easily change snippets of text anywhere on your Wordpress blog - in your theme, pages, posts, widgets or plugins.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download AnyVar here.
  2. Unzip the anyvar directory.
  3. Upload the anyvar directory to wp-content/plugins directory.
  4. Active AnyVar in the Wordpress admin Plugins section.

  5. Go to Manage > AnyVar and add your variables.

Using AnyVar

  1. Open Your Wordpress Admin. Select Mangage > AnyVar.
  2. Add a name and text for your new variable.
  3. Grab the variable tag and insert it into your html.

That's it!

What's the point?

AnyVar makes it easy to implement changes rapidly.

You can put an AnyVar tag in 50 different places on your blog and with a single change in the admin you can update all 50 at once.

AnyVar can be used for managing ads, affiliate codes, thoughts for the day - any text that needs to be changed occasionally. It's especially effective for identical text that appears in many places.